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Arief Wijaya

Climate and Landscape Associate II

Arief Wijaya is the Climate and Forests Associate of WRI Indonesia, working mainly on Open Climate Network and Global Restoration Initiative. His work focuses around tropical forest landscapes and...

Fei Ye

Communications Officer

Fei Ye joined WRI in July 2014 as Communications Officer responsible for external relations of Cities and Transport program.

She has six years of working experience in communications,...

Roman Hennig

Low Carbon Modeling Intern

Roman is an Intern who is supporting a joint initiative between WRI’s Open Climate Network, the CAIT Team and the Economics Center. He is working on low carbon modeling and data collection...

Appie van de Rijt


Appie van de Rijt is WRI’s community forestry coordinator for the Strengthening Central African Environmental Management and Policy Support program. He works to coordinate the finalization of the...

Lyndsey Dowell

Global Forest Watch Finance Research Assistant

Lyndsey is a Research Assistant working with Global Forest Watch (GFW) Finance. She undertakes research on environmental, social and governance policy compliance in the finance sector as they...

Tamara Naidoo

Intern, The Access Initiative

Amara is the Research and Communications intern in the Governance Center, supporting the Strengthening the Right to Information for People and the Environment (STRIPE), an Access Initiative...

Anne Maassen

Energy, Climate, and Finance Associate

Anne Maassen is the Energy, Climate, and Finance Associate for the Energy & Climate practice area at the WRI Ross Center for Sustainable Cities. Her work focuses on improving the...

Tom Witt

Climate Data Innovation Intern

Tom is the Climate Data Innovation Intern in the Climate Program, scoping out new innovative data products and tools that keep the World Resources Institute on the cutting edge of policy relevant...

Alexander Rogala

Communications Coordinator

As a Communications Coordinator for WRI Ross Center for Sustainable Cities, Alex writes, edits, and manages content for both and Alex assists the global WRI team in...

Emily Roth

Project Coordinator, Electricity Governance Initiative

Emily is the Project Coordinator for the Electricity Governance Initiative (EGI) in WRI’s Governance Program. She manages the project’s grants, contracts, finances, communications, and outreach...


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