New: Pivotal Year—WRI’s 2015 Annual Report

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Luisa Bonilla

Communications Manager, EMBARQ Mexico

Luisa is the Communications Manager for EMBARQ Mexico responsible for coordinating communications, marketing and media activities.

She previously worked in the private sector with a focus...

Karna Malaviya

Intern, Better Buying Lab

Karna is the Better Buying Lab Intern for the Food Program, and is primarily focused on assisting the Better Buying Lab’s mission to shift consumers toward more sustainable consumption habits. He...

Austin Clowes

Guitar Tonewood Intern

Austin is the Guitar Tonewood Intern for the Forest Legality Initiative. He works to combat illegal and/or destructive logging practices around the woods used in the guitar industry.


Joseph Mangouende

National Technical Assistant, Republic of Congo

Joseph Mangouende is the National Technical Assistant for WRI’s Forest Program in the Republic of Congo. Joseph is leading the technical work of WRI in forest land-use planning, forest and...

Bob Hermann Dombolo

National Policy Assistant, Republic of Congo

Bob Hermann Dombolo is the National Policy Assistant for WRI’s Forest Program in the Republic of Congo. He helps the project’s coordinator in analyzing forestry and environmental policy. He also...

Armand Mangoffo Bouka

Finance and Administrative Assistant, Republic of the Congo

Armand Mangoffo Bouka is the Administrative and Financial Assistant for WRI’s Forest Program in the Republic of Congo. He is responsible for the transmission of the quarterly financial report to...

Pacifique Muhumbo

Administrative and Finance Officer, Central Africa Forest Initiative

Pacifique Muhumbo is the Administrative and Finance Officer to the Regional Office of WRI in DRC. For the main part, he takes care of expenses in five countries of the Congo Basin (Dem. Rep. of...

Felix Credo Lilakako Malikuya

Natural Resource Governance Advisor

Felix Credo Lilakako Malikuya is the Natural Resources Governance Advisor for WRI DRC office. He is in charge of natural resources policies including land-use, wildlife crime, legal texts on...

Joelle Nkosi Boeli

Natural Resource Governance Assistant

Joelle Nkosi is the Natural Resource Governance Assistant at WRI DRC office. She is supporting “le Ministere de l’Environement, Conservation de la Nature et Developpement Durable” (MECNDD) and “l’...

Guy Shemisi

Accounting Assistant, Central Africa Forest Initiative

Guy Shemisi is the Accounting Assistant to the Regional Office of WRI in DRC. He is responsible for collecting, verifying and recording all projects accounting data and assists the regional team...


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