New: Pivotal Year—WRI’s 2015 Annual Report

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Sofia Faruqi

Manager, Global Restoration Initiative

Sofia is the Manager for the New Restoration Economy, which aims to identify the business models and economic cases needed to transform disparate restoration projects into a viable industry. Sofia...

Charlie Hofmann

Software Engineer, Global Forest Watch

Charlie is a software engineer for Global Forest Watch, where he writes code to manage data aquistion, processing, and publication to the GFW platform. His primary work involves wrangling large...

Alyssa Gomes

Intern, Sustainable Finance

Alyssa is the Sustainable Finance Intern for the Finance Center where she supports the team through research, writing and contributing to the Finance center’s work on scaling financial solutions...

Hui Jiang

Research Assistant, EMBARQ China

Hui Jiang, an urban planner, is currently working as Research Assistant at WRI Beijing’s Sustainable Cities Program. She is one of the members on the Transit Metropolis program to guide Chinese...

Paula Tanscheit

Communications Analyst

Paula Tanscheit is the Communications Analyst for WRI Cities Brasil. She works to cover events, produce web and blog content and also supports the programs and projects through the dissemination...

Ari Santillan

Editor, EMBARQ Mexico

Ari Santillan is the editor of TheCityFix Mexico and responsible for editorial coordination of publications made by EMBARQ Mexico. His goal is to position the blog from the public interested in...

Chad Snelgar

Director, Financial Planning and Analysis

Chad Snelgar joined WRI in 2016 as Director of Financial Planning and Analysis. His charter is to oversee budgeting, forecasting, financial reviews, metrics management, and other financial...

Rachel Belkin

Intern, Building Efficiency Initiative

Rachel is the Building Efficiency Intern for the Building Efficiency team within the WRI Ross Center for Sustainable Cities. She supports the Building Efficiency team through research, writing and...

Gabrielle Nussbaum

Project Coordinator II, Global Forest Watch

Gabrielle Nussbaum is a Project Coordinator II for the Global Forest Watch, specifically helping to implement a Global Environment Facility (GEF) grant that funds GFW globally and in two pilot...

Erica Weyer

Energy and Climate Intern

Erica Weyer is an Energy, Climate, and Technology Intern in the Ross Center for Sustainable Cities as part of its project in concert with the Inter-American Development Bank and the Global...


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