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Vaishali Patel

Project Coordinator II, Natural Resource Governance Practice

Vaishali Patel is the Project Coordinator II for the Governance Center, providing financial, administrative, and operational support to the Land and Resource Rights (LRR) Initiative, the...

Laqiqige Zhu

Climate Data Intern

Laqiqige Zhu is Climate Data Intern with International Climate Action team, working on climate and sustainable development agendas, and undertaking analysis of the synergies between the INDCs and...

Dan Yuan

Intern, Building Efficiency Initiative

Dan Yuan is joining the Ross Center for Sustainable Cities as an intern at the Building Efficiency Accelerator team.

She is now pursuing the Mater of Public Policy degree at the McCourt...

Yelena Akopian

Marketing and Communications Specialist, Climate Program

Yelena is the Marketing and Communications Specialist for the Climate Program. She works with businesses to measure and reduce their greenhouse gas emissions and set more ambitious reduction...

Spencer Knowles

Online Media and Analytics Intern

Spencer is the Online Media and Analytics Intern at the WRI. He assists in increasing WRI's presence on social media and participation in online conversations. He also assists with photo research...

Liz Goodwin

Senior Fellow and Director, Food Loss and Waste

Dr. Liz Goodwin is WRI’s first Senior Fellow and Director, Food Loss and Waste.

A chemist by background, Dr. Goodwin spent her early career at ICI but she began to move towards the...

Stefanie Tye

Climate Resilience Practice Intern

Stefanie Tye is the Climate Resilience Practice (CRP) intern for the Governance Center. She supports the CRP team and is working on a project to evaluate the existing literature on adaptation...

Dorsey Davidge

Global Talent Aquisition Manager

Dorsey is the Global Talent Acquisition Manager for WRI. While her recruiting and hiring work is focused on specific programmatic areas, she also works on recruiting strategies for hard-to-fill...

Austin Dickerson

Program Coordinator, Corporate Relations

Austin Dickerson is the Program Coordinator for WRI's Corporate Relations. He works with WRI's Development Department and Business Center to support the stewardship process for all corporate...

Carley Chavara

Climate Data Intern

Carley is the Climate Data Intern for the International Climate Action team. She researches and analyzes individual countries’ climate goals made under the Paris Agreement alongside the United...


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