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Rita Tomilin

Project Coordinator, WRI Brasil Sustainable Cities

Rita Tomilin is the Projects Coordinator for WRI Brasil Sustainable Cities, with a focus on project management and supervision.

Prior to joining WRI Brasil, she worked at TOTVS for eight...

Luiza Oliveira

Cities Coordinator, WRI Brasil Sustainable Cities

Luiza is the Cities Coordinator for WRI Brasil Sustainable Cities. She is responsible for prospecting and maintaining the relationships with Brazilian cities public managers.

Prior to...

Lívia Zoppas Ferreira

Transport and Accessibility Projects Intern, WRI Brasil Sustainable Cities

Lívia is Transport and Accessibility Projects intern at WRI Brasil Sustainable Cities.

Before this, Lívia worked as an intern at a concrete and structural tests laboratory inside the...

Caroline Borges

Financial Assistant, WRI Brasil Sustainable Cities

Caroline Borges is a Financial Assistant for WRI Brasil Sustainable Cities' Operations Team.

Prior to joining WRI Brasil, Caroline was partner at Baden Special Coffees, where she was...

Laura Azeredo

Urban Development Analyst, WRI Brasil Sustainable Cities

Laura works at WRI Brasil Sustainable Cities as an Urban Development Analyst engaged with Brazil's Urban Development team in all of our projects, most of all supporting Brazilian cities on transit...

Arjun Krishnaswami

Schneider Fellow

Arjun is the Schneider Fellow with the Water Program. He is working on a new method of estimating water use of thermal power plants using satellite imagery.

Prior to joining WRI, Arjun...

Moira McCrave-Carragee

Urban Development Intern

Moira is the Urban Development Intern for the WRI Ross Center for Sustainable Cities. She assists the Urban Development team with research for the creation of an online Transit-Oriented...

Malcolm Obradovic Fawkes

Energy Climate and Finance Intern

Malcolm is an intern on the Climate & Energy team at the Ross Center for Sustainable Cities. He works on designing a business model platform to be used in Santiago, Chile to replace their bus...

Aaron Westling

Urban Development Intern

Aaron is an Urban Development intern in the WRI Ross Center for Sustainable Cities. He is primarily working on the Transit-Oriented Development (TOD) resource to provide information and best...

Adi Pradana

One Map Initiative Governance Manager

Adi is the Governance Manager for the One Map Initiative. He helps develop and manage overall One Map Initiative and stakeholder engagement in Indonesia and its pilot provinces. He also assists in...


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