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Libby Gladding

Program Coordinator, U.S. Climate Initiative

Libby Gladding is the Program Coordinator II for the U.S. Climate Initiative providing financial, administrative, and operational support for the U.S. Climate Initiative, Carbon Capture Use and...

Becky Marshall

Chief of Staff

Becky Marshall previously served as senior director and chief of staff for environment initiatives at the Pew Charitable Trusts. Reporting to the executive vice president and a member of the...

Yangshengjing Qiu

Intern, Better Buying Lab

Yangshengjing (UB) Qiu is the Better Buying Lab Intern for the Food Program. She will be assisting the Better Buying Lab with research on consumer and business incentives around food consumption...

Bukti Bagja

Land Use Accountability Manager, WRI Indonesia

Bukti Bagja is Land Use Accountabilty Project Lead at WRI Indonesia. The project is aimed at increasing tracibility and sutainability practices of oil palm production in Indonesia. The project...

Shita Pina Saphira

Land Use and Commodities Analyst

Pina is a researcher for land use and commodities issues at WRI Indonesia. She currently works on the Land Use Accountability Project, a project aimed at increasing the sustainability of palm oil...

Wenyi Xi

Research Assistant, Climate Program, WRI China

Wenyi Xi is the Research Assistant of Climate Program in WRI China Office. She works on the development of low-carbon city, assisting in the Greenhouse Gas Protocol City Accounting Project and...

Xinyue Li

Power Plant Data and Python Programming Intern

Xinyue (Luna) is the Power Plant Data and Python Programming Intern for the Climate and Energy Programs. She works to support the development of a global power plant database, WRI’s new,...

Alexander Tankou

Climate Data Intern

Alexander Tankou is the Climate Data Intern for WRI’s Climate program.

Prior to WRI, Alex interned at the United Nation African Climate Policy Center, American Action Forum, and Center for...

Dewi Tresya

FLEGT Senior Program Lead

Dewi Tresya is a senior program lead in Forest Law Enforcement, Governance and Trade (FLEGT) program of WRI-Indonesia. She works mainly for promoting better forest management by strengthening...

Amy Ching

Governance Intern

Amy is a Governance Center intern and is currently working on projects for the Environmental Democracy Practice (EDP) and Land and Resources Rights (LRR) initiatives. She helps conduct research on...


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