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Benoit Colin

Marketing and Communications Director, WRI Ross Center For Sustainable Cities

Benoit is the Marketing and Communications Manager for the WRI Ross Center for Sustainable Cities and for EMBARQ, its sustainable transport arm.

Roland Widmer

Senior Associate, Finance Center

Roland is a Senior Associate of the International Financial Flows and Environment (IFFE) Project. He leads IFFE’s work on Emerging Actors in Development Finance in Brazil.

Theo Trifkovic

Project Coordinator, Finance Center

Theo is the Program Coordinator for the Markets and Enterprise Program.

Benoit Lefevre

Director, Energy and Climate

Benoit Lefevre is Senior Associate for Transport and Climate at CEP and EMBARQ, WRI. He is in charge of developing a new initiative on transport and climate change.

Lei Yin

Research Analyst, Greenhouse Gas Protocol

Lei Yin joined the WRI China office in November 2012 as a Research Analyst to the Climate and Energy Program.

Hongpeng Lei

Energy Program Lead, WRI China

Hongpeng Lei serves as Energy Pillar Lead of the Sustainable and Livable Cities Initiative in China.

Xiaoqian Jiang

Research Analyst

Xiaoqian JIANG is a Research Analyst with the Greenhouse Gas Protocol, Climate and Energy Program, based in WRI China Office.

Lulu Xue

Research Analyst, EMBARQ China

Lulu is a research analyst in WRI China office, where she supports sustainable transport efforts in Qingdao and Chengdu.

Lulu previously worked in the public and private sectors in both developin

Pieter Terpstra

Senior Associate, Vulnerability & Adaptation

Pieter Terpstra is a Senior Associate working for the WRI’s Vulnerability & Adaptation Initiative. His work focuses on adaptation finance and he also assists in supporting and expanding the...


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