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Drew Morrison

Transport and Climate Research Intern

Drew is the Transport and Climate Research Intern with the EMBARQ program. His research focuses on analyzing the role and potential of private sector investment in low-carbon transport systems...

Emily Jorgensen

Program Coordinator, US Climate Action

Emily is the Project Coordinator for the U.S. Climate Objective in the Global Climate program. She oversees the contracts, finances, recruitment, and outreach for WRI’s U.S. climate policy work....

Geoffrey Henderson

ChinaFAQs Project Specialist

Geoffrey Henderson is the Project Specialist for ChinaFAQs within WRI’s Global Climate Program. In this role, he works to facilitate a network of internationally renowned experts in answering...

Nancy Harris

Research Manager, Global Forest Watch

Nancy is Research Manager for Global Forest Watch (GFW) within the Food, Forests and Water program. GFW is an international initiative originated by...

Maria Antonia Tigre

Helms Fellow, Governance

Maria is a Helms Fellow at the Governance Center, and in collaboration with the Brazil office, will work to provide research on urban governance in Brazil and develop an urban governance tool....

Alyssa Fischer

Strategy and Management Associate, WRI Ross Center for Sustainable Cities

Alyssa Fischer is the Strategy and Management Associate for WRI Ross Center for Sustainable Cities. Alyssa leads WRI Cities’ engagement with the Habitat III process towards the goal of creating an...

Karla Renschler

Website Coordinator, Global Forest Watch

Karla is the Website Coordinator for Global Forest Watch in the Forests Program, where she assists with product management for the GFW platform. Karla works with the technology and communications...

Free De Koning

Director, Natural Resource Governance

Free is Project Director, Governance of Forests. He works to coordinate projects around forest conservation and restoration. Key issues around forest governance include transparency, participation...


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