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Sanjay Sridhar

Cities Initiative

Sanjay is the Strategy Head – Urban Development and Accessibility at EMBARQ India.

Ashwin Prabhu

Manager - Urban Transport, EMBARQ India

Ashwin is a Manager – Urban Transport at EMBARQ India.

Yingzhen Zhao

Research Analyst, Sustainable Finance

Yingzhen Zhao is a Research Analyst for the Sustainable Finance Program. Her work focuses on emerging actors in development finance, in particular on identifying and pursuing opportunities to...

Johan Schaar

Co-Director, Vulnerability and Adaptation Initiative

Johan Schaar is Co-Director of WRI’s Vulnerability & Adaptation Initiative, together with Heather McGray.

Denise Leung

Associate, Finance Center

Denise is an Associate at WRI's Finance Center. Her work focuses on improving the environmental and social performance of overseas investments from emerging economies such as China and Brazil. She...

Heshuang Zeng

Research Analyst

Heshuang is a research analyst in EMBARQ’s Research & Practice group. She works on innovative transport solutions including carsharing and Bus Rapid Transit.

Giulia Christianson

Associate, Finance Center

Giulia is an Associate for the Climate Finance project within WRI’s Finance Center. Her research focuses on how to improve the effectiveness of public finance in catalyzing private investment in...

Jared Finnegan

Research Analyst

Jared works on WRI’s Measurement and Performance Tracking (MAPT) project, which builds national capacity in developing countries to measure GHG emissions and track performance toward low-carbon deve

Kaleigh Robinson

Lead - International Training and Capacity Building

Kaleigh Robinson is the Training and Capacity Building Lead for the Greenhouse Gas Protocol at WRI, where she manages international training and capacity building initiatives focusing on preparing cor


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