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Priscila Pacheco

Communications Intern, EMBARQ Brasil

Priscila Pacheco is a communications intern at EMBARQ Brasil.

Prior to joining EMBARQ, Priscila worked for two years in the Communications Department at the Federal University of Rio...

Rafaela Machado

Road Safety Specialist, WRI Brasil Sustainable Cities

Rafaela Machado works at WRI Brasil Sustainable Cities as a Road Safety Specialist. Her main activities are related to road safety assessment of urban transport projects, including road safety...

Mariana Barcelos

Transport Engineer, EMBARQ Brasil

Mariana Barcelos is an Transport Engineer at EMBARQ Brasil. Her work is focused in collecting information on bus rapid transit (BRT) and bus corridors across the world for Across Latitudes and...

Ariadne Amanda Barbosa Samios

Architecture and Urbanist, EMBARQ Brasil

Ariadne Samios works at EMBARQ Brasil as an architect and urbanism intern. Her work focuses on urban development and accessibility.

Prior to joining EMBARQ Brasil, she lived in New Zealand...

Bruno Almeida

Engineering Intern, EMBARQ Brasil

Bruno Almeida works at EMBARQ Brasil as an engineering intern, with a focus on health and road safety in the transports sector. He is involved in supporting efforts related to the implementation...

Daniely Votto

Urban Governance Manager, WRI Brasil Sustainable Cities

Daniely Votto is the Urban Governance Manager at WRI Brasil Sustainable Cities.

Before joining the team, she worked for three years as International Relations Coordinator for the...

Guillermo Petzhold

Transport Engineer, EMBARQ Brasil

Guillermo Petzhold’s current work at EMBARQ Brasil focuses on data collection for Across Latitudes and Cultures - Bus Rapid Transit Centre of Excellence (ALC-BRT CoE).

Prior to joining...

Mariana Gil

Visual Communications Specialist, EMBARQ Brasil

Mariana Gil is the visual communications specialist for EMBARQ Brasil. She creates and manages photographic and graphic content for and...

José Antonio Garcia

Administrative Assistant, EMBARQ Brasil

Antonio is EMBARQ Brasil’s administrative assistant. His responsibilities include several administrative processes related to finances and human resources.

Before arriving at EMBARQ Brasil...

Filipe Costodio

Press Advisor, EMBARQ Brasil

Filipe Costodio is a press advisor and works to strengthen the image of EMBARQ Brasil in national and international media.

After working in the press office of the Government of São Paulo...


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