New: Pivotal Year—WRI’s 2015 Annual Report

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Cynthia Menéndez

Air Quality and Climate Change Coordinator, EMBARQ Mexico

Cynthia is the Coordinator of Air Quality and Climate Change in EMBARQ México, where she works on data analysis and modeling of different low carbon emission transport scenarios. She has...

Alejandro García

Systems, EMBARQ Mexico

Alejandro García currently works in Systems at EMBARQ Mexico. Alejandro graduated from Western Higher Technological Institute of the State of Hidalgo, with a computer science degree, specializing...

Stéfani Clavé

Administrative Analyst and Human Resources, EMBARQ Brasil

Stefani Clave has served as an Administrative Analyst for EMBARQ Brazil since September 2010.

She graduated in humanities from the Catholic University of Rio Grande do Sul (PUCRS) and...

Kamil Can Erdem

Operations Assistant, EMBARQ Türkiye

Kamil began as an Operations Assistant at EMBARQ Türkiye in February 2014. He is responsible for daily operations and communications work.

Kamil is currently studying Architecture at...

Ece Ömur

Projects Assistant, EMBARQ Türkiye

Ece is working as a Projects Assistant for EMBARQ Türkiye. She is helping with operations and projects. She is currently studying City and Regional Planning at Yıldız Technical University....

Sive Başaran

Urban Transport Projects Intern, EMBARQ Türkiye

Şive is an engineering intern at EMBARQ Türkiye. She is doing her internship on sustainable urban transport research, project planning, and implementation.

Şive participated in an AFS...

Esra Suel

Research Analyst, EMBARQ Türkiye

Esra creates and manages social media content and communication channels in the context of EMBARQ Türkiye’s current and prospective projects in Turkish cities.

She has experience as...

Hande Dönmez

Communications Specialist

Hande Dönmez has been working as a Communications Specialist at WRI Turkey Sustainable Cities since 2013. She is responsible for public relations, media relations, event marketing and management,...

Kiarash Ghasemlou

Transport Engineer/Planner, EMBARQ Türkiye

Kiarash Ghasemlou is a transportation planner at EMBARQ Türkiye. He helps to advance sustainable urban transport research, project planning and implementation. Mr. Ghasemlou supports EMBARQ...

Cigdem Cörek

Urban Planner, WRI Turkey Sustainable Cities

Cigdem Cörek Öztaş joined the WRI Turkey Sustainable Cities team in October 2013 as an Urban Development and Accessibility Projects Manager. She has managed the İstanbul Historic Peninsula...


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