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Sarah Lupberger

Project Coordinator II

Sarah Lupberger is the Project Coordinator for the Electricity Governance Initiative (EGI) and the Governance of Forests Initiative (GFI).

Laura Draucker

Senior Associate and Sustainability Manager

Laura Draucker is a Senior Associate with the Climate and Energy Program.

James Bradbury

Senior Associate

James Bradbury is a Senior Associate in WRI’s Climate and Energy Program, conducting research and analysis on U.S. federal and state climate and clean energy policies.

Raquel Gonzalez

Financial Manager

Raquel is the financial manager for the Measurement and Performance Tracking (MAPT) project within WRI’s Climate and Energy Program.

Kevin Lustig

Online Strategist

Kevin is the Online Strategist for WRI’s Climate and Energy Program. In this role, he leads the program’s efforts to collaborate, share their work, and connect with partners via the online world.

Beth Gingold

Research Associate

Beth Gingold leads the Project POTICO research team at the World Resources Institute. Project POTICO supports sustainable palm oil production and improved natural resource management in Indonesia.

Sara Walker


Sara Walker is an Associate in the People and Ecosystems Program at the World Resources Institute.

Cynthia Cummis

Deputy Director, Greenhouse Gas Protocol

Cynthia Cummis is the Deputy Director of GHG Protocol within WRI’s Climate and Energy Program.

Camilo M. Ramírez

Special Events Manager

Camilo organizes fundraising and special events for the Institute. He is also a consultant with Campbell Peachey & Associates, a boutique events firm in Washington.

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