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Maria Franco Chuaire

Associate, Initiative 20x20

Maria is an Associate for the Global Restoration Initiative of the Food, Forest, and Water Program. She works directly for Initiative 20x20, a country-led effort aiming to bring 20 million...

Paul Bodnar

Senior Advisor, Sustainable Finance

Paul Bodnar is Senior Advisor for WRI's Sustainable Finance Center. He helps lead the Finance Center’s work on climate finance technical analysis, strategy and policy, in addition to helping...

Elyse Myrans

Communications Coordinator, Climate

Elyse is the Communications Coordinator on the Global Climate Program at World Resources Institute. She focuses on international and US climate issues, and coordinates communication strategy in an...

Rutger Willem Hofste

Intern, WRI Europe

Rutger Hofste is the assistant for WRI Europe. He will use part of his time to help WRI Europe Director Kitty van der Heijden in her daily tasks. This includes preparing presentations, preparing...

Monique Motty

Deputy Regional Coordinator, Central Africa-Forest Initiative

Monique is currently a Deputy Regional Coordinator for WRI-Central Africa in Kinshasa. She assists with project coordination, monitoring and evaluation of WRI forest projects in Cameroon, Republic...

Clorinda Kurnia Wibowo

Research Assistant

Clorinda is a research assistant for WRI Indonesia. She is involved in assisting research on sustainable food, energy, and maritime in accordance with Indonesia’s government programs. With...

Brittany Giroux Lane

Governance of Sustainable Cities Associate II

Brittany is the Governance of Sustainable Cities Associate II for the Governance Center of Excellence. She works to coordinate urban governance work across WRI and is developing WRI’s tool for...

Chu Zhang

Research Associate

Chu Zhang is the Research Associate for the Energy Program in WRI China. He conducts research and analysis on renewable energy and energy efficiency policies. Focusing on cities and urban areas,...

Luciana Gallardo Lomeli

Research Analyst, Initiative 20x20

Luciana Gallardo Lomeli is a Research Analyst at the Global Restoration Initiative program. She works directly for the 20x20 Initiative, which aims to bring 20 million hectares of degraded land in...

Rohini Chaturvedi

Strategy Head, Forest and Landscape Restoration

Dr. Rohini Chaturvedi leads the Forest and Landscape Restoration program in India. She works closely with WRI’s Global Restoration Initiative to inspire, enable and mobilize political and social...


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