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Armand Mangoffo Bouka

Finance and Administrative Assistant, Republic of the Congo

Armand Mangoffo Bouka is the Administrative and Financial Assistant for WRI’s Forest Program in the Republic of Congo. He is responsible for the transmission of the quarterly financial report to...

Pacifique Muhumbo

Administrative and Finance Officer, Central Africa Forest Initiative

Pacifique Muhumbo is the Administrative and Finance Officer to the Regional Office of WRI in DRC. For the main part, he takes care of expenses in five countries of the Congo Basin (Dem. Rep. of...

Joelle Nkosi Boeli

Natural Resource Governance Assistant

Joelle Nkosi is the Natural Resource Governance Assistant at WRI DRC office. She is supporting “le Ministere de l’Environement, Conservation de la Nature et Developpement Durable” (MECNDD) and “l’...

Maggie Yao

Africa Forest Research Intern

Maggie is the Africa Forest research intern with the Forest team.

She is a MA candidate at Johns Hopkins SAIS with a concentration in Energy & Resource & Environment. At SAIS, she...

Gretchen Ellison

U.S. Climate Policy Intern

Gretchen Ellison is an intern in the Climate Program at the World Resources Institute. She supports WRI’s U.S. Climate Initiative, researching policy solutions for mitigating greenhouse gas...

Christy Pak

Administrative Coordinator

Christy is the Administrative Coordinator for both the Business and Governance Centers. She coordinates and supports various projects, events, and schedules, while acting as a liaison across...

Reinaldo Germano

Urban Mobility Specialist, WRI Brasil Sustainable Cities

Reinaldo is an Urban Mobility Specialist at WRI Brasil Sustainable Cities. He works directly with Across Latitudes and Climates Center of Excellence for Bus Rapid Transit and FedEx teams. He...

Bruno Felin

Communications Specialist, WRI Brasil Sustainable Cities

Bruno Felin is a Communications Specialist at WRI Brasil Sustainable Cities. He supports the coordination of content production for different platforms: TheCityFix Brasil blog, WRI Brasil...

Debbie Weyl

Manager, Building Efficiency

Debbie Karpay Weyl is the Manager, Building Efficiency with the WRI Ross Center for Sustainable Cities. She leads an expanding global partnership to accelerate building energy efficiency in cities...

Paul Ryberg

Program Coordinator II

Paul is a Project Coordinator for the Global Climate Program. He oversees the contracts, finances, recruitment, and outreach for WRI’s TRAC Corporate and Cities projects.

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