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Camila Ramos

Transport Research Intern, WRI Ross Center for Sustainable Cities

Camila is the Transport Research Intern for the Cities Program at WRI’s DC office. She is part of the Integrated Transport team where she focuses on research on sustainable transport in China and...

Lori O’Neill

Intern, Building Efficiency Initiative

Lori O’Neill is an intern for Building Efficiency Initiative (BEI) with the WRI Ross Center for Sustainable Cities. She works to support the BEI team in research and management of the Building...

Dhanapal Govindarajulu


Dhanapal is a Fellow in the Landscape Restoration programme that aims to inspire, enable and mobilize commitments to restoration, as a way of achieving biodiversity, climate and rural development...

Dawn Mueller

Facilities Manager

Dawn is WRI's Facilities Manager. Dawn brings passion, commitment and customer service to her facilities management service delivery. She is responsible for managing the processes and services...

Wenting Wei

Urban Development Intern

Wenting is an Urban Development Intern at the Ross Center for Sustainable Cities. She works on issues related to integrated urban planning and urban transportation, with a special focus on the...

Amegh Gopinath

Project Associate - Urban Transport & Road Safety, WRI India

Amegh is a Project Associate with the Cities and Transport at WRI India. He is based in Mumbai and working in the area of Urban Transport and Road Safety. He is currently working on the Bloomberg...

Nandana Nair

Project Associate - Urban Transport & Road Safety, WRI India

Nandana Nair is a Project Associate of the Urban Transport and Road Safety team at WRI India, Mumbai. She is originally from Ahmedabad and is presently based in Mumbai working on projects related...

Prayash Giria

Senior Project Associate - Capacity Building, WRI India

Prayash Giria is a Senior Project Associate with the Capacity Building team, where he supports the design and delivery of knowledge and skill-building channels. He currently anchors WRI India’s...

Dnyanada Deshpande

Strategy Head - Communications, WRI India

Dnyanada Deshpande is the Strategy Head for WRI India's Communications department. She leads WRI India's Communications team and helps further enhance the communications capability in India....

Mingming Sun

China Associate, Forest Legality Initiative

Mingming Sun is China Associate of Forest Legality Initiative. Based at WRI Beijing office, he takes the lead of FLI's engagement in China and also contribute to strategize the forest program in...


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