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Dylan Stefano Giordano

Communications and Outreach Intern

Dylan is the Communications and Outreach Intern for The Access Initiative, and will specifically help with the launch of the Environmental Democracy Index. He came to Washington, DC after...

Zainab Kakal

Project Lead, Initiative to Catalyse Urban Innovations

Zainab is the Project Lead for the Initiative to Catalyse Urban Innovations at EMBARQ India. She is leading the work around Emerging Business Trends in Mobility Entrepreneurship. She develops and...

Emily Kaldjian

Communications Coordinator, Forests Legality Alliance

Emily Kaldjian is the Communications Coordinator for the Forest Legality Alliance (FLA). Emily focuses on raising awareness of the Alliance’s work, and strengthening and expanding partnerships...

Andrew Stokols

Marketing and Communications Intern, WRI Ross Center for Sustainable Cities

Andrew is an intern with WRI Ross Center for Sustainable Cities.

Prior to joining WRI, Andrew researched and worked on issues related to urbanization in China and Korea. This has...

René Zamora Cristales

Associate, Initiative 20x20

Rene Zamora Cristales is an Associate II for the Global Restoration Initiative of the Food, Forest, and Water Program. He works directly for Initiative 20x20, a country-led effort aiming to bring...

Roshni Thomas

Project Associate - Institutional Development

Roshni is a Project Associate for WRI’s Development Team in India. She assists the Strategy Head (Institutional Development) in a variety of ways including managing prospect research reports, and...

Jiao Wang

Associate, Water Program

Jiao Wang is an Associate with WRI’s China Water Team, where she works with the Global Aqueduct Team and external partners to establish in-house hydrological modeling capacity and develop China...

Noah Kaufman

Climate Economist

Noah is an economist for the U.S. Climate Initiative in the Global Climate Program. The focus of his work is on carbon pricing and other market-based climate change solutions. Noah also works on...

Kendie Kenmoe

National Technical Assistance, Central Africa Forests Initiative

Kendie Kenmoe est l'assistant technique national pour le projet Global Forest Watch au Cameroun. Il dispose de nombreux compétences dans les domaines varies tel que l’informatique et réseau, SIG...

Rodrigo Villarroel Walker

Energy and Climate Associate

Rodrigo is an Energy and Climate Associate at WRI Ross Center for Sustainable Cities. He works developing analytical frameworks for the assessment of urban energy systems and identifying...


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