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Haitao Zhang

Director, EMBARQ China

Haitao serves as the Director of EMBARQ China, responsible for research and management, project rendering, fundraising, and development. He initiated the official partnership between WRI/EMBARQ...

Xuege (Cathy) Lu

Charge Intern

Xuege (Cathy) is an Intern with the Markets and Enterprise Program. She works on both research and communication aspects of Charge - WRI’s signature energy initiative to promote affordable and...

Mengpin Ge

Climate Data Intern

Mengpin is the Climate Data Intern for the Climate and Energy Program. She works on CAIT 2.0, WRI's climate data explorer with a wide range of activities around data collection, analysis and...

Xiaoliang Yang

Research Analyst

Xiaoliang is a Research Analyst for WRI’s Climate and Energy Program with a focus on Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS). His primary work is to assist in international energy collaboration and...

Ying Wang

Research Associate, EMBARQ China

Wendy is a research associate at EMBARQ WRI China office, where she engages with various research projects on sustainable transportation and urban development.

Prior to joining WRI, Wendy...

Wanli Fang


Wanli Fang is an Economist with EMBARQ, the sustainable transport program at WRI. She conducts economic analyses and policy researches to promote sustainable cities and transport in emerging...

Kathleen Buckingham

Research Associate

Kathleen is a Research Associate for Forest and Landscape Restoration in the People and Ecosystems Program. Her research focuses on developing diagnostic tools to assist stakeholders to plan and...

Nate Aden

Research Fellow

Nate Aden is a Research Fellow with WRI’s Climate and Energy Program. As a member of the U.S. Climate Initiative, Nate researches industry energy use in the U.S. Midwest. In addition to analyzing...

Xiaomei Tan

Senior Associate

Xiaomei Tan is a Senior Associate. In her research, she applies economics and trade theory to energy, climate and urbanization issues. She also fosters high-level dialogues around these critical...

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