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Internships at WRI

WRI Internship Program offers learning experiences designed for current students, recent graduates, or other candidates who wish to gain knowledge about a specific area of work. WRI offers a variety of paid and unpaid internship opportunities throughout the year in offices around the world.

Allison, Development Intern
    Hometown: Charlton, Massachusetts

" WRI values and cultivates its interns, providing an environment that empowers them to reach their potential, for which I am extremely grateful."

Bo, China Forest Finance Intern
    Hometown: Beijing, China

" Interns at WRI have the opportunity of learning a variety of energy and environmental topics, engaging in groundbreaking research, as well as meeting wonderful people around the world."

Anqi, Transportation Intern
    Hometown: Tiajin, China

" Interning with WRI gave me a great opportunity to conduct in-depth research on urban transport, work with a group of dedicated and talented people, and expand my network. "

Joe, Management Intern
    Hometown: Wolcott, Connecticut

" WRI brings together some of the best people with common interests and creates a culture which allows interns to grow and explore."

Image Credits: Deeba Yavrom, Intern

Internship Opportunities

WRI provides many internship opportunities throughout the year in our Washington DC and International Offices. We seek interns with diverse backgrounds and who are passionate about the environment to help us make a direct global impact.

Our internships provide a learning experience for our interns who are able to contribute to our projects; many have received recognition in our published work. And while you are at WRI, you will have also have opportunities to learn more about our work culture and to network.

Internship Facts

  • Globally, we have more than 20 interns throughout the year, and up to 60 summer interns.
  • In 2015, our interns came from 20 different states and 19 countries.
  • About 51 percent of our interns have master's degrees.

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