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WRI established its U.S. office in 1982. We work to improve water quality, increase awareness of local climate change impacts, and identify cost-effective emissions-reduction opportunities in the United States. Learn more about our Eutrophication and Hypoxia, Water Quality Trading, U.S. Local Climate Impacts Initiative, and U.S. Climate Action projects.

Aman Srivastava

Research Analyst, Finance Center

Aman is a Research Analyst for the Climate Finance project, housed in WRI’s Finance Center. His research focuses on improving the effectiveness of public finance in catalyzing private capital...

David Wheeler

Senior Fellow

After completing his PhD in economics at MIT in 1974, David taught for two years at the National University of Zaire in Kinshasa.

Milap Patel

Research Analyst, Finance Center

Milap is a Research Analyst at WRI’s Finance Center. He conducts research and analysis on trends in international climate financing, particularly with regards to progress made by public...

The U.S. Fast-Start Finance Contribution

The U.S. FSF contribution of $5.1B reflects a positive effort made in challenging political and economic circumstances, but there is more to be done. Congress and key agencies have increased funding for climate change objectives relative to the pre-FSF period, and have begun to integrate climate...


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