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United States

WRI established its U.S. office in 1982. We work to improve water quality, increase awareness of local climate change impacts, and identify cost-effective emissions-reduction opportunities in the United States. Learn more about our work in the United States.

米国人が使う「now you’re talking(そうだね)」というあいづちの裏には、「ようやく本気を出したね」という意味が込められている。気候変動対策に本腰を入れるとは、言葉による約束を実行に移すということであり、それも思い切った策でなければならない。


Climate change is an area where the United States needs to lead, says former Governor of New Mexico and WRI Board member Bill Richardson. Doing so will create a better planet for our children and a more prosperous future for our country.

DC Office - LEED Scorecard for WRI

A portion of WRI’s office space renovated in 2007 is certified LEED Gold. Photo by United States Green Building Council (USGBC).

DC Office - LEED Scorecard for 10 G Street

10 G Street, the building that WRI occupies, was certified LEED Gold in 2011 for existing buildings. Photo by United States Green Building Council (USGBC).

DC Office - AudioVideo

Video conferencing equipment in our conference rooms help us complete some of our meetings and collaborative work without the need for travel and connect us to WRI’s other offices. Photo by Catherine Easton, WRI.


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