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WRI established its office in Mexico in 2016. As the EMBARQ program in Mexico for the past 13 years we've been working on urban mobility, transport policy, sustainable urban development, road safety, climate and energy efficiency. WRI México will continue working on Cities, and open Climate, Energy and Forests. Learn more about our work in Mexico

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WRI Mexico

After 13 years of local impact, WRI Mexico officially opened 4 programs that work as a door to Spanish speaking countries: Cities, Climate, Forests and Energy.


Achieving Mexico’s Climate Goals: An Eight Point Action Plan

This working paper identifies and evaluates the key climate and energy policy options available to Mexico to support the implementation of its INDC. We propose an eight point action plan that has the potential to put Mexico on a path toward achieving its INDC targets, while at the same time...

CIUDAD DE MÉXICO//WASHINGTON (29 de septiembre, 2016)—Debido al impacto que CTS EMBARQ México ha tenido en la promoción de ciudades y transporte sostenibles, la organización evoluciona para convertirse en WRI México. Esto permitirá a la organización aprovechar los recursos globales del World Resources Institute (WRI) y enfrentar los retos críticos de México.


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