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WRI established its China office in 2007. We work with leaders in business, government, and civil society to address climate change, transport, and water risk issues. Learn more about our work in China. Visit the WRI China website.

米国人が使う「now you’re talking(そうだね)」というあいづちの裏には、「ようやく本気を出したね」という意味が込められている。気候変動対策に本腰を入れるとは、言葉による約束を実行に移すということであり、それも思い切った策でなければならない。


China Office - LEED Scorecard

WRI’s China office was certified LEED Gold for interior space in 2014, making it the second NGO office space in Beijing to receive LEED certification. Photo by Green Business Council.

China Office - Natural Lighting

Electricity meters measure energy use, which helps encourage ongoing accountability in addition to optimizing energy use in the office. Credit: CHENG Ze

China Office - Conference Room

Highly efficient light fixtures reduce power consumption more than 46%. Photo by Cheng Ze.

China Office - Open Layout

Natural light was maximized through an open layout, helping to save electricity while providing a comfortable setting for staff. Photo by Cheng Ze.

China Office - Materials

Products with high-recycled content, account for more than 21% of total materials used. In addition, 72% of construction materials were sourced locally (within 800 km of office). Photo Cheng Ze.


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