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Coastal Capital: Jamaica

This analysis includes a valuation of coral reef-associated fisheries, potential losses to tourism due to beach erosion, and examines the role of coral reefs in reducing coastal flooding during storms. In addition, we provide a literature review of 16 coral reef valuations conducted in Jamaica...

Coastal Capital: Economic Valuation of Coral Reefs in the Dominican Republic

This working paper looks at the benefits that coastal ecosystems provide to the Dominican Republic. The studies highlight the contribution of coastal ecosystems to the economy and the need for greater investment in protecting coastal and marine ecosystems, including better management of marine...

Caribbean Sub-Regions

Nine Caribbean sub-regions---Bahamian, Bermuda, Eastern Caribbean, Florida, Greater Antilles, Gulf of Mexico, Southern Caribbean, Southwestern Caribbean, and Western Caribbean.

Coral Disease Observations

Most reported observations of coral disease worldwide have been in the Caribbean.

Source: Global Coral Disease Database, United Nations Environment Programme -- World Conservation Monitoring Ce

Coral Bleaching Observations

Observations of coral bleaching in the Caribbean are widespread. Of the over 500 observations in recent decades, 24 were during the 1980s, over 350 during the 1990s, and over 100 since 2000.


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