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Cameroon: Logging Titles 2007

This map shows forest land allocation in the national forest estate in Cameroon in 2007. It includes detailed information about the area and percentage of total area of forest management units in respect to status of their management plan (approved, rejected, awaiting response, etc.).

Duclaire Mbouna

Principal Advisor, Cameroon

Duclaire has served as Principal Adviser for WRI’s activities in Cameroon since October 2011.

Fernando Evuna Mboro Eyang

Principal Advisor, Equatorial Guinea

Fernando is a Forest Engineer and Assistant Principal Advisor for WRI’s activities in Equatorial Guinea.

Bertrand Tessa

Research Analyst / Program Coordinator

Bertrand Tessa works as Research Analyst for the Central Africa Forest Information, Governance and Climate Initiative, and Program Coordinator for the Congo Basin Forest Fund projects.

Inside Stories on Climate Compatible Development: Zambia

Climate change vulnerability and food insecurity often have common root
causes. Accordingly, measures that address these causes can reduce both
problems at once. This is especially important for the many countries in sub-Saharan Africa that face truly daunting agricultural challenge...

World Resources Report 2010-2011

Decision Making in a Changing Climate

Based on input from more than 100 experts in 36 countries, this report offers specific, practical strategies and innovative case studies to inform how to integrate climate change risks into national policies and planning.


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