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Sustainable and Safe: A Vision and Guidance for Zero Road Deaths

More than 1.25 million people are killed on roads each year, the majority in developing countries, making traffic fatalities the tenth leading cause of death worldwide. Children, elderly and poor people are particularly vulnerable. Are drivers and pedestrians always to blame? Research from WRI...

Places to Watch: Identifying High-Priority Forest Disturbance from Near–Real Time Satellite Data

Places to Watch is a new workflow to automatically identify concerning areas of recent deforestation using satellite-based forest change information. The method uses the density of deforestation alerts and the presence of intact and protected forests to automatically select the Places...

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L'Afrique centrale représente incontestablement un site de conservation par excellence. La forêt tropicale intacte de la région, la deuxième au monde, contient parmi les paysages et les faunes les plus spectaculaires de la planète : des forêts brumeuses, des rivières mugissantes, des troupeaux d'éléphants et les trois quarts des espèces de grands singes de la Terre. La région a également...


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