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Cities Research Seminar Series: Urban Transformation Case Studies from the Global South - Panel Discussion Seminar

The WRI Cities Research Seminar Series is intended to engage stakeholders, partners and thought leaders as we develop content for the next World Resources Report (WRR). This seminar is a panel discussion of City-level Case Studies that examine transformative urban change in selected cities of the global South. Authors of city-level cases will present on the transformative change in their case study city, explain why these changes are “transformative”, and describe the most important enablers that have helped sustain this transformative change. WRR Case Study cities include Porto Alegre, Belo Horizonte, Guadalajara, Pune, Surabaya, Kampala, Ahmedabad, Johannesburg. The broader discussion will focus on connections, comparability and patterns of change across cities.


Ashok Das
Carolina Sarmiento
Rebecca Abers
Edgar Pieterse
Lalitha Kamath
Shuaib Lwasa
Darshini Mahadevia

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