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Adapting to Climate Change: Assessing World Bank Group Experience

Please join us for a brownbag presentation with Ken Chomitz, Senior Advisor for the Independent Evaluation Group of the World Bank Group.

Ken will be presenting on a recent evaluation of the Bank Group’s climate change activities, including a just-completed report on climate change adaptation, Adapting to Climate Change: Assessing World Bank Group Experience.

Climate change makes development more difficult and expensive. It has intensified familiar threats such as drought, heat waves, floods and storms, and will continue to do so. And it brings wholly new challenges, such as the loss of glacial water storage and the inundation of low-lying coasts and islands.

The World Bank Independent Evaluation Group (IEG)’s new evaluation draws lessons for climate adaptation from three kinds of World Bank Group activity. It reviews the impact of longer-standing efforts to deal with climate variability, for instance via drought relief, sustainable land management, and flood control. It looks at how, and how well, the World Bank Group has incorporated climate change risks into the design and appraisal of infrastructure. And it assesses early lessons from a new crop of activities that explicitly grapple with climate adaptation at the national level.

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