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Governance of Forests Initiative (GFI) Partner Meeting


The third annual GFI Partner Meeting was held in Washington, DC from 29 – 31 May. Participants included representatives from GFI partner organizations in Brazil, Indonesia and Cameroon.

The majority of the workshop served as an opportunity for GFI partners to share updates on their respective work, have in-depth discussions on governance topics of mutual interest, and brainstorm about the past, present, and future of the GFI partnership. A full report of the GFI Partner Meeting is available for download below. Event presentations and photos can be viewed below.

At the end of the third day, GFI hosted a Stakeholder Meeting, where the GFI partners had an opportunity to present their work to relevant stakeholders working in DC. The video of the presentations and Q&A session is posted in full below.

Download PDF: GFI Partner Meeting: Retreat Summary (Text posted below)

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