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Rickshaw Rising: An Auto-Rickshaw Entrepreneurship Summit

Recognizing the importance of promoting green entrepreneurship in the auto-rickshaw sector in Indian cities, EMBARQ India will be organizing an entrepreneurship summit on February 10, 2012 in Mumbai. Rickshaw Rising will serve as a platform for discussion between entrepreneurs, investors, experts, regulators and decision-makers on the challenges and opportunities in promoting green entrepreneurs, forging future partnerships between investors and entrepreneurs, and enabling a conducive regulatory and policy environment to initiate and scale-up such services. This can achieve triple-bottom-line benefits in this important urban sector in Indian cities.

At the summit, EMBARQ India will release a new publication, "Sustainable Urban Transport in India: Role of the Auto-rickshaw Sector." The publication was produced by an EMBARQ India team of Akshay Mani, Madhav Pai, and Rishi Aggarwal.

To register or for more info, contact: Akshay Mani,

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