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Water Quality Regulation in the Chesapeake

Law Seminars International Presents:
A Comprehensive Two-Day Conference on Water Quality Regulation in the Chesapeake: New Regulatory, Legal and Business Developments

Update on Water Quality Trading Programs including New Legislative Proposals

February 25, 11:15 am
Cy Jones, Senior Associate, WRI

Market-based efforts to reduce nutrient loadings through interstate trading; progress report on proposed federal legislation for a mandatory cap and trade program.

Cy Jones leads the Water Quality Trading Initiative for the Chesapeake Bay Watershed at World Resources Institute, whose goal is to advance market-based efforts to reduce nutrient pollution impacting the Chesapeake Bay Watershed and to promote the development of a framework for interstate nutrient trading. See How Nutrient Trading Can Help Restore the Chesapeake Bay.

For more information on the event, see the Law Seminars International page.


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