World Resource Institute

WRI Corporate Consultative Group (CCG)

A collection of forward-thinking companies interested in understanding sustainability issues that affect the corporate community. The CCG serves as a vehicle for exchanging valuable thinking about responses to shared challenges.

Why join the CCG?

WRI’s Corporate Consultative Group serves as a vehicle for exchanging valuable thinking about responses to shared challenges. Members engage with WRI experts — and with each other — to access environmental intelligence in order to protect and grow shareholder value. Membership provides an opportunity to stay up-to-date with the latest WRI research on issues relevant to business, as well as keep a connection to the most recent happenings on Capitol Hill.

WRI’s Corporate Consultative Group gives companies access to one of the most highly regarded environmental think tanks. There are few peers amongst environmental research organizations that match the scope and authority of WRI’s work. — William D. Ruckelshaus, Former EPA Administrator

Member Activities and Benefits

CCG Membership ensures that you will have regular interaction with WRI through mailings, briefings on “hot topics,” invitations to global events, and participation in the Group’s Annual MindShare Meeting. The following list summarizes the key benefits of Group Membership:

  • Annual MindShare Meeting – A one and a half day meeting composed of seminars and discussion groups focused on the theme of “Ideas to Action.” A key networking opportunity, the MindShare Meeting is a chance to discuss shared challenges, opportunities, and solutions with other Group members.

  • Access to WRI tailored advice – Member companies receive one day per year of expert input from WRI specialists on environment and development topics relevant to corporate strategy.

  • Stay informed of key developments via regular briefings, webinars and events – Participate in ongoing activities to gain the latest thinking around cross-cutting sustainability issues and emerging trends.

  • Catalyze and shape WRI’s new areas of work – Share experiences and insights that help shape WRI’s corporate tools, research and analysis.

  • Participate in global, regional, and local partnership opportunities – Access to events held by WRI and its global partners in a number of countries.

  • Connect to a private CCG member website – Your resource to the latest news, upcoming events, and contact with other members.

  • Work with a dedicated relationship manager – Navigate WRI’s resources and build a focused business engagement strategy in areas of shared priorities.

Membership Requirements

We request that partners in WRI’s Corporate Consultative Group:

  1. Provide unrestricted support to WRI of $25,000 - $50,000 (EUR 18 – 35,000).
    • $50,000 from innovative or leading companies in their industries
    • $25,000 plus from companies with market capitalization of less than $1 billion
  2. State their commitment to, and publicly report progress towards, improvement in social and environmental performance over time. (We can work with companies to interpret how best to achieve this requirement).
  3. Review WRI corporate partnership status at least once per year, and provide feedback that can help us increase the effectiveness of our collaboration.

Other Partnership Opportunities

There are several additional and complementary ways for companies to partner with WRI, and we hope that the CCG will provide a platform for deeper engagement. To explore these opportunities, speak with Austin Dickerson, Corporate Relations Coordinator.

How to Join

For more information, please contact Senior Manager, Corporate Relations, JP Leous.

Corporate Consultative Group (CCG) Members

Abbott Laboratories -- Alcoa Foundation -- Baker & McKenzie -- Best Buy Co., Inc. -- BNY Mellon -- Caesars Entertainment Corporation -- Cargill Corporation -- Caterpillar Inc. -- CitiGroup, Inc. -- Colgate-Palmolive Company -- Dow Chemical Company -- DuPont Company -- Edison Energy -- Exelon Corporation -- FedEx Corporation -- General Motors -- Goldman Sachs -- Google Inc. -- Hewlett Packard Enterprise -- Johnson Controls -- Johnson & Johnson -- Kimberly-Clark Corporation -- Mars Inc. -- Nestlé  -- PepsiCo, Inc. -- Pfizer Inc. -- Related -- Statoil -- Tetra Pak International -- Tyson Food, Inc. -- Unilever -- United Parcel Service, Inc. -- VFC -- Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. -- Walt Disney Company -- Weyerhaeuser Co.  -- Xylem

Resources for CCG Members

Sustainability During Corporate Restructuring – Summary Findings