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Blog Posts: water quality

  • A New Strategy to Improve Water Quality—One Targeted Watershed at a Time

    Few programs have seen widespread success in tackling water quality problems in the Mississippi River Basin and Gulf of Mexico, but an emerging initiative could present a way forward. The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) launched the Mississippi River Basin Healthy Watersheds Initiative (MRBI) in 2009. New WRI research finds that with some specific improvements, the MRBI’s new approach could play a key role in improving the nation’s inland and coastal water quality.


  • Q&A: The Economics of Coral Reefs

    WRI's Lauretta Burke discusses her work on measuring the economic value of coral reefs in the Dominican Republic and other Caribbean countries.


  • Protecting Waterways from a Deadly Problem

    Nutrient pollution emerges as one of the greatest threats to water quality.


  • Fact Sheet: How Nutrient Trading Can Help Restore the Chesapeake Bay

    A new Fact Sheet on nutrient trading in the Chesapeake Bay region covers issues such as potential costs and revenues, and how farmers and other stakeholders can benefit.


  • New Hope for the Chesapeake Bay, Maybe

    Presidential intervention has raised the stakes in a decades-long effort to clean up Chesapeake Bay.


  • Choking Coastal Waters


    p>My team at WRI, together with Dr. Bob Diaz at the Virginia Marine Institute, has identified and mapped 415 eutrophic and hypoxic coastal systems worldwide through an extensive literature review. Of these, 169 are documented hypoxic areas, 233 are areas of concern and 13 are systems in recovery.


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