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Blog Posts: biodiversity

  • Food for Thought

    We are on a collision course between ecosystems and food. How we resolve this issue over the coming years will be a key to preserving biodiversity and human well-being.


  • Investing in Nature, for People’s Sake

    Ecosystem services provide the link between nature and economic development. How can this approach guide more sustainable decisions?


  • Q&A: World Bank Plan to Value Ecosystems

    Last week at the UN Convention on Biodiversity, the World Bank launched a new program that aims to put a value on a country’s ecosystems in the same way a country measures its national income and product accounts, or GNP and GDP.


  • Time is Right for Panel on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services

    This week, governments will meet in Korea to decide whether to establish an intergovernmental panel on biodiversity services.


  • Subprime Development: the Mother of All Collapses

    All eyes are on Wall Street as it completed another roller coaster week of financial turmoil. Can things get worse? Actually, yes.


  • The 10 Big Questions For Corporate Forest Product Purchasing

    Corporate procurement managers are increasingly looking for ways to ensure that wood and paper-based products are environmentally and socially sound. The WRI/WBCSD procurement guide being released today is a toolbox to help them.


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