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  • Myths and Facts about U.S. EPA Standards

    WRI experts take closer look at some of the myths, inaccuracies, and misinformation surrounding Environmental Protection Agency regulation of greenhouse gases.


  • Bills That Would Limit the U.S. EPA's Clean Air Act Authorities


    p>While the Senate recently defeated four bills or amendments that would restrict EPA’s authority, it r


  • Statement to the Committee on Energy and Commerce on Economic Implications of EPA Greenhouse Gas Regulations

    In February 9th testimony before the House Committee on Energy and Commerce, Dr. Margo Thorning of the American Council for Capital Formation presented on the economic implications of EPA regulation on greenhouse gases. Following the hearing, analysts from WRI and the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy issued the following statement in response to Dr. Thorning’s testimony. WRI’s response highlights questionable assumptions in Dr. Thorning’s modeling and outlines the benefits of industrial sector energy efficiency improvements.


  • Electric Reliability under New EPA Power Plant Regulations: A Field Guide

    Keeping track of reports on the potential impacts of EPA regulations is becoming a full time job. Dr. Susan Tierney, Managing Principal at the Analysis Group and WRI Director, provides a “field guide” to these studies, and explains what they might mean for the power supply landscape in the next few years.


  • For EPA Regulations, Cost Predictions Are Overstated

    Research shows that environmental regulations end up costing far less than both industry and the EPA predict.


  • Should Obama Follow Ambitious Recommendations?

    The Clean Air Act and new cap-and-trade legislation are both good policy options to address global warming; they can and should be developed simultaneously.


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