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Blog Posts: base of the pyramid

  • Clean Power to the People

    Bringing clean energy to India's rural poor consumers creates cascading economic and social benefits, in addition to profits.

    This piece originally appeared in The Economic Times (India).


  • Growing Optimism for “Impact Investing”

    Is it possible to do good in the world while also making a profit? A growing group of investors, known as “impact investors”, believe that it is.


  • Q&A: Clean Energy for India’s ‘Base of the Pyramid’

    WRI’s new report, in collaboration with CDF-IFMR, looks at the market potential for clean and renewable energy in rural India.


  • Expanding the Market for Clean Energy in Rural India

    SBA Hydro is just one of the many companies starting to bring clean energy to India’s rural poor.


  • Small Companies, Big Impacts

    The New Ventures directors answer questions about what small, sustainable companies can do to boost local economies and protect the environment.


  • Bill Gates Calls for Capitalism That Serves the Poor


    p>In a speech at Davos today, Bill Gates called for a more inclusive capitalism that "would have a twin mission: making profits and also improving lives for those who don't fully benefit from market forces." That is a major milestone in the evolving thinking of perhaps the most influential philanthropist of our time.


  • The Most Influential Management Gurus in the World

    "The Thinkers 50" biennial poll of the most influential business people in the world is topped by WRI board member C.K. Prahalad. The recognition speaks volumes about business-led approaches to sustainability around the world.


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