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  • Have Countries Delivered on Fast-Start Climate Finance?

    As the reporting deadline for 2010 looms, developed countries will need to prove that they are honestly meeting their modest $30 billion commitment.


  • Clean Power to the People

    Bringing clean energy to India's rural poor consumers creates cascading economic and social benefits, in addition to profits.

    This piece originally appeared in The Economic Times (India).


  • From Copenhagen To Cancun: Climate Finance

    An update on the role of climate finance in the international climate negotiations.


  • Q&A: Kirsty Jenkinson on New Ventures and Environmental Entrepreneurship

    Kirsty Jenkinson talks about how New Ventures, WRI’s center for environmental entrepreneurship, helps environmentally-focused small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in emerging markets compete in a global economy.


  • Minding the Sustainability GAAP

    Limited transparency around corporate sustainability risks can lead to investments that are bad for the environment, and investors' bottom lines.


  • Analyzing Environmental Trends in Asia

    How can the financial community better understand the financial impacts of environmental trends?


  • Adding Environmental Risk to the Financial Equation

    Despite projections, many financial analysts ignore the risks and opportunities associated with environmental trends. ENVEST seeks to change this.


  • Closing the Bankers' Loophole in Emissions Reporting

    Financial institutions are learning to protect investors--and themselves--from investments exposed to risk from climate change.


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