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Blog Posts: REDD

  • Forests and REDD+ in COP17 Durban

    With all its complex processes and acronyms, it’s easy to forget that the international climate change negotiations are supposed to lead to changes on the ground. There have been several developments this year, however, which should remind us of the urgency of the task and the importance of getting each piece of the puzzle right, including incentives for developing countries to reduce their emissions from deforestation and forest degradation (REDD+).


  • What to Aim For, and Expect, at the UNFCCC Climate Talks in Durban

    The thousands of delegates preparing to descend on Durban for COP17 should read Robert F. Kennedy’s famous “Day of Affirmation” speech en route. They will discover a call to action as powerful today as it was almost half a century ago. They will also find sensible guidance on how to overcome the sense of drift that has gripped the climate negotiations for much of this past year. If they heed his call they may discover that African soils are not for burying the climate regime as some pessimists suggest, but rather for growing the seeds of its future success.


  • Payments for Ecosystem Services: Green is the New Grey

    This piece was originally posted on the Ecosystem Services for Policy Alleviation website, and was written with WRI intern Julie Edmonds.

    In these times of budget constraints, municipal authorities, donors and development NGOs are increasingly looking to services provided by nature as a less costly alternative to building expensive man-made infrastructure.

    Such services, also known as ecosystem services, are the positive externalities that ecosystems such as forests, floodplains and wetlands provide for communities around them.


  • World Resources Institute Comments on the Forest Investment Program Results Framework

    The Forest Investment Program (FIP) is a targeted program within the framework of the Climate Investment Funds that supports developing countries' efforts to reduce deforestation and forest degradation (REDD). The FIP Results Framework is a tool to monitor and evaluate the implementation of FIP funds. Following are WRI's comments suggesting ways to improve the FIP Results Framework.


  • The REDD+ Decision in Cancun

    How does the new agreement on REDD set the stage for halting the destruction and degradation of forests?


  • From Copenhagen to Cancun: Forests and REDD+

    An update on the role of forests and REDD+ in the international climate negotiations.


  • Having Your Food and Forests, Too

    Expanding agriculture onto already degraded lands could relieve pressure on the world’s remaining forests.

    Enabling tropical countries to boost their economies and feed global populations whi


  • FAQ: Indonesia, Degraded Land and Sustainable Palm Oil

    Common data and clear definitions will enable the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil and REDD+ policy-makers to achieve a shared goal: sustainable oil palm expansion on degraded land in Indonesia.


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