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Andrew Maddocks

Outreach and Development, Aqueduct

Andrew is the lead on communications for Aqueduct, WRI’s tool for measuring and mapping water risks. He works to maximize the Aqueduct’s visibility and tell the project’s story to audiences...

Robert Winterbottom

Senior Fellow

Robert Winterbottom is the Director of WRI’s Ecosystem Services Initiative and Deputy Director of the People and Ecosystems Program. The Mainstreaming Ecosystem Services team is working with...

Craig Hanson

Director, Food, Forests, and Water Programs

Craig is the Director of WRI’s People & Ecosystems Program. Craig is responsible for guiding the Program’s overall strategy, focus on results, financial development, and staff capacity....

Mindy Selman

Senior Associate

Mindy Selman a senior associate in the People and Ecosystems Program at the World Resources Institute (WRI). Her current research covers a variety of issues including U.S. water...

Paul Reig


Paul Reig is an Associate at the Markets and Enterprise Program. He leads the design and development of the Aqueduct Water Risk Atlas, WRI’s tool for measuring and mapping water risks. He also...

Betsy Otto

Director, Water Initiative

Betsy Otto is the Director of the Aqueduct project in the Markets and Enterprise Program Aqueduct is a global water risk assessment and mapping tool to inform private and public sector investment and

Todd Gartner

Senior Associate; Manager, Natural Infrastructre for Water

Todd Gartner is a Senior Associate for the World Resources Institute’s People and Ecosystem Program.

Jeff Rodgers


Jeff is an Associate with the ENVEST objective of the Markets and Enterprise Program.

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