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Area of Expertise: greenhouse gases

Johannes Friedrich

Senior Associate

Johannes is a Senior Associate within the Global Climate Program, leading WRI’s climate data and innovation work. He is the project manager for CAIT Climate Data Explorer and Power Watch and...

Janet Ranganathan

Vice President for Science and Research

Janet Ranganathan is the Vice President for Science and Research at the World Resources Institute, an action-oriented global research organization that works in more than 50 countries, with...

Thomas Damassa

Senior Associate

Tom Damassa is a Senior Associate with WRI’s Global Climate Program, where he specializes in the analysis, reporting, and communication of climate and energy data, particularly greenhouse gas (GHG...

Kelly Levin

Senior Associate, Pillar Lead TRAC Policy

Kelly Levin is a senior associate with WRI’s major emerging economies objective. She leads WRI’s Measurement and Performance Tracking Project, which builds capacity in developing countries to...

Kristin Igusky


Kristin Meek is an Associate in the Global Climate Program at the World Resources Institute.

Holly Lahd

Research Analyst

Holly Lahd is a Research Analyst on WRI’s Greenhouse Gas Protocol team with a focus on the Product and Supply Chain Initiative.

Nicholas Bianco

Knowledge Products Lead, NDC Partnership

Nicholas Bianco is the Knowledge Product Lead for the NDC Partnership and WRI’s U.S. climate policy team. He previously served as the Director of Regulatory Analysis and Strategic Partnerships at...

Franz Litz

Senior Fellow

Franz Litz leads WRI’s efforts with US states and US federal agencies as they work together and in parallel to develop programs to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Pankaj Bhatia

Deputy Director, Climate; Global Director, GHG Protocol

Pankaj Bhatia is the Deputy Director of WRI’s Climate Program and Director of WRI’s new Tools, Reporting and Analysis for Climate (TRAC) Signature Initiative

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