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Area of Expertise: business

Kirsty Jenkinson

Director, Business Center

Kirsty Jenkinson is Director of WRI’s Markets and Enterprise Program and is responsible for the program’s overall strategy, results, financial development and staff capacity.

The program...

Betsy Otto

Global Director, Water Program

Betsy Otto is the Director of WRI’s Global Water Program. Over the past several years at WRI, she has led development of Aqueduct™, a global water risk assessment and mapping tool to inform...

Giulia Christianson

Associate, Finance Center

Giulia is an Associate for the Climate Finance project within WRI’s Finance Center. Her research focuses on how to improve the effectiveness of public finance in catalyzing private investment in...

Jeff Rodgers


Jeff is an Associate with the ENVEST objective of the Markets and Enterprise Program.

Amanda Sauer

Senior Associate

Amanda Sauer is a Senior Associate with the ENVEST objective of the Markets and Enterprise Program.

Suzanne Ozment


Suzanne is an Associate with WRI's Global Water Program, where she researches the design of profitable strategies to protect and restore watersheds

Alex Perera

Acting Director, Global Energy Program

Alex Perera is the Director of Renewable Energy Initiatives for MEP and is helping to lead WRI’s expanding work in renewable energy.

Eliot Metzger

Senior Associate, Business Center

Eliot is a Senior Associate in WRI’s Markets & Enterprise Program.

John Finisdore


John Finisdore leads WRI’s Business & Ecosystem Services Project that is advancing business strategies, markets, and policies that align corporate performance with ecosystem stewardship.


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